How it works?

LPS separates business data from personal data, and stores the encrypted personal data in a secured, private Amazon cloud.
This methodology does not interfere in your current working mode, your activity goes on as usual.

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  • Encryption of all personal data coming from:
    Registration pages
    Landing pages
  • Real email addresses unseen- Alias emails sent via email relay
  • Real phone numbers unseen – numbers are scrambled and ***, LPS sends real number to VOIP provider

Access & Control

LPS gives you full control and ownership of your sensitive data, by sending them to your private Amazon cloud, securely encrypted. This means that only you have access to the data, even LPS vendors cannot access it. You will then decide who has permissions and access.

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  • Single keyholder to encrypted database – not even LPS vendors can access!
  • Wide array of access management tools – you set the permission levels with rules-based access according to business needs
  • Complete alerting and logging system for any private data access

Maintain Your Working Mode

LPS allows you to continue business as normal, only in a completely secure environment.

  • Integration with the largest platforms.

    With Cloud and dedicated solutions, REST API and widgets, LPS offers manageable hardware and network configurations

  • Browser extension

    With simple, tailored functionality, you do not need to change the way you work for sales, marketing, and retention. The LPS solution suits itself to your existing working practices, saving you time and money

  • Fast, efficient one-day integration!

    You do not to waste valuable time to be fully protected. In fact, LPS can have your system secured with PCI DSS practices and robust system protection technology integrated in one day!

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