LPS technology was designed to separate business data from personal data, and stores the encrypted personal data in a secured, private Amazon cloud. Thus, you’ll get your sensitive data is secured and encrypted, but your work mode remains as normal.
LPS's state-of-the-art technology is unrivalled in terms of innovation and functionality. The vision behind the development was to solve the unsolvable, and to leave no rocks unturned. Protecting your most valuable data is the core mission behind the technology, and only the most cutting-edge methodology is applied.

Protecting your private data



LPS architecture is based on the best PCI DSS practices. All information is stored in secured servers in a zone, protected by a firewall against hacking attacks and other interventions.

The database and encryption keys set by the business owner are distributed over separate servers. Therefore, thieves who attempt to gain access to the data will have to pass through several security barriers. Such interventions and attacks are tracked and reported, so you be aware of all potential hazards.

  • Designed for high loads

    The LPS solution powered by a proprietary standalone platform can withstand up to 10 million registrations per day.

  • Stable operation 24/7

    The LPS solution deployes on Amazon AWS secure cloud services platform and uses best available tools of flexibility, scalability and reliability.

  • The flexible architecture

    The flexible architecture of the solution easily adapts to the requirements of any business and allows you to embed data protection at any stage of the business process.

  • LPS cloud

    The LPS cloud architecture builds on a multi-tier, Linux-based web application which can be modified easily.

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